26 months

Haley is playing with her birds,
and doing the voice for both the mama bird and the baby bird....
and this is what they said....
Baby Bird - i want to go to sleep
Mama Bird - you cant go to sleep
Baby Bird - why not?
Mama Bird - because we dont have any more blankets


25 months

I have intentionally NOT encouraged her to say "I Love You"
I figured that way it would be more special
when she says it to me for the first time.
and this is what she did....
I put her to bed and like usually we played tickle for awhile
then when we start to settle down to talk about animals,
she crawls over to me,
grabs my head with her hands,
puts her forehead against mine,
and looks into my eyes and says ...
daddy you are beautifull, i love you


24 months

Fav Animal - Dragons and Puppies

List of Animals that Haley knows
(can say name when she sees a pic)

dog, cat, mouse, ferret, bear, polar bear, koal bear, beaver, kangaroo, wombat, raccoon, reindeer, hedgehog, pig, cow, horse, goat, sheep, donkey, fox, wolf, squirrel, monkey, parrot, rabbbit, skunk, meerkat, gorilla, buffalo, dalmation, chicken, turkey, ostrich, eagle, flamingo, bird, owl, duck, peacock, bat, swan, zebra, girafee, elephant, hippo, rhino, lion, tiger, cheetah, snake, lizard, frog, turtle, spider, tadpole, dragon, alligator, iguana, dinosaur, catepillar, cacoon, butterfly, mosquito, snail, ladybug, ant, beetle, grasshopper, bee, worm, bug, firefly, fish, shark, hammershark, puffer fish, stingray, crab, lobster, whale, dolfin, seahorse, starfish, seal, walrus, penguin, otter, octopus, jellyfish, manatee, orca whale, clownfish, urchin,



23 months

Fav Animal - Snakes and Puppies

Bed Time....
Every night when i put her to bed, i lay next to her with my head on her bed and we talk for about 10-20 minutes and she tells me what all the animals of the world are doing.... for example i will ask her what is the fish doing? and she will say the fish is swimming and i will ask what is the snake doing? and she will say the snake is hiding. bird is flying, catepilar is crawling, lion is running, butterfly is dancing


22 months

Fav Animal - Spiders and Puppies

Counted to 14 correctly


21 months

Fav Animal - Puppies

Loves collecting things and saying which are the
Daddies (big) - Mommies (medium) - Babies (small)
including animals, flowers, and rocks


13 months

words Haley knows
(can either say, sign, or point to when asked where is the ___ ?)

BODY PARTS... foot, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, head, toes, manito(hand), teeth, belly,

ANIMALS.... bird, fish, dog, cat, squirel, horse, elephant, lizard, girafee, bee, bear, frog, spider, monkey, duck, hippo,

PEOPLE.... mama, dada, mine, grandpa, troy, ana mari, paddycake,

FOOD.... milk, juice, water, banana, cheese,

THINGS.... ball, hat, shoe, sock, tree, flower, grass, bubble, star, brush, boat, baby, book, bow, fan, window, potty, diaper, little-peeps, button, clock,

ACTIONS.... clap, wave, arms up, stand, sit, down, come here, kiss, close eyes, open mouth, forward roll, eat, bath, night night, all done, more, bye bye, flush, bite, dip, good job, god bless you, look up, haley copter, give me five, put it back, dance, lets feed paddycake, throw, no, yes, open, close, peekaboo,

SONGS.... twinkle twinkle little star, itsy bitsy spider,


12 months

climbs on horsy easily by herself

read first word "clap"


11 months

Flat out walking great


10 months

Taking a few steps on her own


7 months

Standing up and taking a few wobbly steps while holding on to something.


0 - 6 months

Fav Animal - Fish

Fav Food - Mommys Milk



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Haley Hatheway... (squeeker mouse)

Born... November 5, 2008 ... 7 pounds 11 ounces